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“The audience[...]was besides themselves with excitement over the performances of the soloists Aksel Johannes Skramstad Rykkvin (12) and [...] Aksel is regarded as one of Europe's best boy sopranos, and the 12-year-old delivered in full measure in Elverum Church. The audience got goosebumps."

Bjørn-Frode Løvlund / Journalist/ Østlendingen 24.12.15 / Christmas concert

Mariken Lauvstad / Reviewer / 18.11.15 / "Der Jasager"

“Aksel Johannes Skramstad Rykkvin gives a superb performance in the main role as 'The Boy'."

Mona Gjessing / Reviewer / 18.11.15 / "Der Jasager"

“The fact that he sings so radiantly, with such intensity and seriousness in his voice, is crucial in making the audience engage in the musical drama."

Rolf Strand / Reviewer / Romsdals budstikke 13.09.15 / "Chichester Psalms"

“In the second part, the 12 year old boy soprano Aksel Johannes Skramstad Rykkvin did an impressive effort. That such a young person is able to perform such a difficult solo part, virtually flawlessly in timbre and intonation!"

Eilif Odde / Reviewer / Tidens krav 14.09.15 / "Chichester Psalms"

“The boy soprano Aksel Johannes Skramstad Rykkvin was almost worth the entire price of admission on his own."

Henning Høholt / Editor-in-chief / 04.09.15 / Award ceremony for Anders Jahre's culture prize

“The boy soprano Aksel Johannes Skramstad Rykkvin sang Voi Che Sapete from Mozart's 'The Marriage of Figaro' in a very convincing way, and fully deserved the most passionate applause of the night."

Svend E. Hansen / Journalist / Østlandsposten 03.06.15 / Carl Nesjar's funeral

“The solo song performances [...] were beautifully performed by the boy soprano Aksel Johannes Skramstad Rykkvin. With his crystal clear voice the talented youngster set a particularly evocative and lovely tone for the proceedings."

Tori Skrede / Reviewer / 02.06.15 / "Snow White"

“[…] young Aksel Johannes Rykkvin and Hedvig Bache Hungnes in the roles of Snow White and her friend Petter [are] outstanding.[…] Petter, Snow White´s friend who after a while becomes her boyfriend, is also a character inspiring confidence, that Aksel Johannes Rykkvin acts and sings equally well. We would love to have more scenes with Snow White and Petter interacting."

“Aksel Rykkvin - guttesopran i verdensklasse. 12 år gamle Aksel Rykkvin gjør stor suksess som guttesopran både her hjemme og internasjonalt. Ord som sensasjonelt og unikt brukes ofte av kritikere om en stemme og musikalitet man bare ytterst sjeldent opplever."

Mona Gjessing / Reviewer / 18.11.15 / "Der Jasager"


Colin R. Brownlee / Founder / National Archive of Recorded Church Music / 31.07.15

“[...] a voice which comes along only once or twice in a generation."

Elizabeth Norberg-Schulz, Ingebjørg Kosmo and Ståle Ytterli / Jury statement / Norwegian Music Competition for Youth / 22.11.14

“You are a master. Struck dumb with admiration!...Fantastic musicality. Rare musical talent...Formidable artistic ability to convey and feel!...Gives the audience goosebumps when he sings!"

“A sensationally good boy soprano."

Bernt E. Bauge / CEO / Bergen Philharmonic / 04.08.15

“[...]the boy soprano Aksel Rykkvin from Oslo, who is one of the best boy sopranos in Europe. Considering how few boys' choirs we have in Norway, it is quite remarkable that he is from our country."

Ole Andreas Fevang / Cantor / Elverum Church / 21.12.15

Ben Parry / Assistant Director of Music / King's College, Cambridge / 11.06.2015

“It was a pleasure to hear Aksel sing in King's Chapel. He has a beautifully resonant treble voice, with excellent clear diction and fine intonation. He is able to achieve some startling results with challenging pieces such as Let the Bright Seraphim, and he has an intelligent musicality that informs every performance he gives."

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