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20 Apr 2017

Hilde Halvorsrød

"The contrast between the ethereal treble voice of Aksel Rykkvin as the very manifestation of the child's innocence, and Golaud's uncontrollable desire and jealousy, expressed through the roaring bass baritone of Paul Gay, sends chills down one's spine."

20 Apr 2017

Henning Høholt

"And last, but not least, the youngest on stage, the Norwegian boy treble Aksel Rykkvin, 13 years, who in addition to his very beautiful boy soprano voice, which now unfortunately probably quite soon will change, also dramatically performed his role in an outstanding fashion, with great confidence and ease in his presentation - a great experience to have witnessed this."

09 Apr 2017

Aksel Tollåli

"Golaud’s son Yniold, unsettlingly beautifully sung by boy soprano Aksel Rykkvin, showed an unhealthy fascination for dolls and archery, the purity of his voice belying his already traumatic upbringing."

09 Apr 2017

Eystein Sandvik

"Here we have in Aksel Rykkvin a Norwegian boy soprano who sets to work on this part with great energy and a very successful result [...] I think it's very impressive. He is a huge talent, let's hope he continues to develop after his voice change sets in. It is phenomenal that we have a boy soprano who is able to tackle this part, in Paris in 1902 they didn't [at the world premiere]. As far as I remember, he even had to shoot with a bow and arrow during parts of his singing, so it's just impressive, plain and simple."

07 Apr 2017

Thomas Erma Møller

"Tomorrow's international superstar, 13 years old Aksel Rykkvin, was outright dazzling as Yniold."

28 Feb 2017

Brian Robins

" astonishing talent able to encompass the chosen programme with a maturity and confidence extending way beyond such tender years. The voice itself has a lovely quality - rounded and not without power, both physical and expressive [...] a remarkable CD that demands to be heard by anyone who loves the treble voice."
Rating: 4/5

24 Feb 2017

Manuel Stangorra

"Just grandiose! This boy will be famous once! [...] the spirit of innocence and young genius [...] vocal sovereignty, undaunted joy of life and the greatest possible naturalness. [...] This recording is exceptional. You should buy it for your son or daughter or simply listen to it yourself. Aksel has all the prerequisites for an international career!"
Recommendation by the editorial staff
Interpretation: 5/5
Sound quality: 5/5
Repertoire: 5/5
Booklet: 3/5

05 Feb 2017

Ole Dahl Rossbach

"The last time he was here, as a soloist in Bernstein's "Chichester Psalms" one and a half years ago, I wrote about a boy treble who was worth the price of admission on his own. This time around, what should I say? This was an absolute revelation! Aksel Rykkvin has everything required to make a short career great and successful: Musicality, technique, charm and on-stage aura. Also, seemingly a firm will to be good and deliver at his best."

11 Dec 2016

Liu Zhigang

"Rare mature musicianship! [...] He has a very strong technique, comparable to soloists twice his age. Aksel allows you to listen to his music without worrying about his ability to meet the challenges."

22 Nov 2016

Ivan A. Alexandre

"Aksel Rykkvin set the web on fire with videos where his astounding soprano excelled with his art of vocalisation. We needed a whole recital, and here it is, cruising through the pyrotechnics of Bach, Mozart and Handel. Thirteen, and already a great [...] sublime voice [...] the phenomenon Aksel Rykkvin."

06 Nov 2016

Alexandra Coghlan

"Aksel Rykkvin is certainly a treble worth preserving - a mature, musical performer whose unbroken voice offers a fascinating alternative take [...]Rykkvin's passagework is nimble, his phrasing is instinctive [...] an accomplished and adult disc"

30 Oct 2016

Göran Forsling

"If you are going to buy just one more CD this year, make sure that it is this one [...] a voice that is crystal clear, perfectly pitched and heavenly beautiful, but also a technique that allows him to do whatever he wants, coloratura and impeccable runs for instance."

27 Oct 2016

Sebastian Spreng

"Youthful divine treasure [...] Aksel is in the ranks of children singers belonging to the great tradition of displaying exceptional powers in a repertoire for his age in addition to important technical requirements."

26 Oct 2016

Jeremy Pound

"Aksel Rykkvin makes a superb debut [...] Exceptionally polished performances and, one or two clipped bits of phrasings aside, mightily impressive vocal control from the 13-year-old Norwegian treble. The arias are well-chosen"

20 Oct 2016

Kare Eskola

"Aksel Rykkvin changes the concept of a boy soprano [...] When I first heard Aksel Rykkvin singing, I could not stop laughing from amazement [...] Aksel Rykkvin’s voice has clarity, richness, technical assurance and artistic maturity [...] Rykkvin is the most astonishing musical sensation of the year."

16 Oct 2016

Hanna Höglund

"It is impossible not to be impressed by his soft and, for a boy soprano, rich timbre. Here we have a child prodigy who is simply born to sing [...] And I am happy that the "Aksel!" record after all has not been made as an equlibristic circus show, but focuses on musical presence in arias from "The Marriage of Figaro", Händel's "Messiah" and Bach's "St. John Passion. In those, Aksel Rykkvin is truly a big little miracle."

06 Oct 2016

Katharina Eickhoff

"13 years old Aksel Rykkvin from Norway sings Cherubino, and he does it so adorably, that someone should quite quiackly assemble a staging of Figaro for him [...] his way of singing is miles away from the usual, slightly bleating tones of other boy soloists [...] a downright booming vibrato [...] gives one a few centimeters of goosebumps [...] his intuition and instinctive perception of this music are quite unique."

29 Sep 2016

Francis Muzzu

"Be reassured, Aksel! is not the usual child star twaddle. Rykkvin certainly has a precocious musical sensibility, which should make him a star if he lasts the course.[...]His technique is excellent, with particularly fluent coloratura."
Rating: 4/5

19 Sep 2016

Bruce Reader

"...shows remarkable musicianship as well as terrific agility, purity of tone and vocal strength...This is a disc that is musically satisfying as well as a showcase for Aksel’s great talent."

02 Sep 2016

Robert Hugill

"What distinguishes him is his strong technique so that, as with more mature soloists, you listen to what he does with the music rather than whether or not he can negotiate the notes...Rykkvin's Handel singing is impressive, and he brings a wonderful brio to Barbara! io ben lo so from Alcina, whilst creating a creditable sense of emotional atmosphere and a lovely sense of line in Lascia ch'io pianga from Rinaldo...."
Rating: 4/5

01 Sep 2016

Sjur Haga Bringeland

"...a clear diction, stable timbre, fine intonation, well formed trills and good coloratura... a technical level unusual for the boy sopranos of our age"

30 Aug 2016

Martin Anderson

"remarkable abilities...astounding voice: intonation, diction, technique are all completely assured.....[the repertoire] demands vocal flexibility of the highest level, and Rykkvin tackles this with the same ease and confidence as a chamois in the would be a grey soul who would not derive considerable joy from this recording."
Rating: 5/6

28 Aug 2016

Katherine Cooper

"a stylish and assured debut indeed: from the opening track (the florid first aria from Bach's Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen, which showcases his impressive agility as well as a clean, ringing top C!) it's immediately evident that he's already a singer with secure technique, thoughtful musicality and a tangible affection for the music he's performing."

27 Aug 2016

Svenn Kerkhoff

"...a similarly fine musical flair and equally startling vocal technique and perfection [as Max Emanuel Cencic]. And his performances are not wasted on superficial child prodigy virtuosity."

25 Aug 2016

David Mellor

"an extraordinary talented treble[...] It's a remarkable performance - pure, confident, technically perfect and hauntingly beautiful."

21 Aug 2016

Lynn René Bayley

"...a superb technique and flawless sense of pitch...His wonderful legato and sense of style makes it all sound perfectly natural and not forced..Rykkvin almost sounds like the classical equivalent of a natural-born yodeler, joyfully singing his way through music that would daunt a soprano twice his age."

06 Aug 2016

Nicholas Kenyon

"A remarkable debut...This disc is packed full of confident, musical singing"

30 Apr 2016

Regine Müller

"[...] a wonderfully pure singing son (Aksel Johannes Skramstad Rykkvin)."

24 Mar 2016

Guy Dammann

"[...] the son with his nightmares (sung with extraordinary poise and feeling by the treble Aksel Johannes Skramstad Rykkvin)."

17 Mar 2016

Erling E. Gulbrandse

"[...] the boy soprano Aksel Skramstad Rykkvin is an exceptional talent."

15 Mar 2016

Jan Brachmann

"[...]Aksel Johannes Skramstad Rykkvin, who later proves to be an outstanding, fabulously confident boy soprano"

13 Mar 2016

Shirley Apthorp

"The boy soprano Rykkvin is freakishly good, with a musical assurance and richness of tone that are almost superhuman."

13 Mar 2016

Astrid Kvalbein

"The humans are introduced through a child who can't sleep, beautifully enacted by boy soprano Aksel Rykkvin."

13 Mar 2016

Mogens H Andersson

"I will also award a special star to Aksel Johannes Skramstad Rykkvin, who enacted the role of the couple's child very well, dramatically as well as musically."

30 Jan 2016

Arild Erikstad

“Aksel Rykkvin - world class boy soprano. 12 years old Aksel Rykkvin is enjoying great success as a boy soprano both here at home and abroad. Words such as 'sensational' and 'unique' is often used by critics about a voice and a musicality of a kind one rarely sees."

21 Jan 2016

Nigel Short

“Captured in St. Augustine’s Church in Kilburn, the disc will feature a selection of baroque and classical arias and will showcase the twelve-year-old’s exceptional vocal skill and musicality. Nigel thoroughly enjoyed working with Aksel, who, although only twelve, had remarkable stamina and stylistic flare."

23 Dec 2015

Bjørn-Frode Løvlund

“The audience[...]was besides themselves with excitement over the performances of the soloists Aksel Johannes Skramstad Rykkvin (12) and [...] Aksel is regarded as one of Europe's best boy sopranos, and the 12-year-old delivered in full measure in Elverum Church. The audience got goosebumps."

17 Nov 2015

Mariken Lauvstad

“Aksel Johannes Skramstad Rykkvin gives a superb performance in the main role as 'The Boy'."

17 Nov 2015

Mona Gjessing

“The fact that he sings so radiantly, with such intensity and seriousness in his voice, is crucial in making the audience engage in the musical drama."

13 Sep 2015

Eilif Odde

“The boy soprano Aksel Johannes Skramstad Rykkvin was almost worth the entire price of admission on his own."

12 Sep 2015

Rolf Strand

“In the second part, the 12 year old boy soprano Aksel Johannes Skramstad Rykkvin did an impressive effort. That such a young person is able to perform such a difficult solo part, virtually flawlessly in timbre and intonation!"

03 Sep 2015

Henning Høholt

"The boy soprano Aksel Johannes Skramstad Rykkvin sang Voi Che Sapete from Mozart's 'The Marriage of Figaro' in a very convincing way, and fully deserved the most passionate applause of the night."

02 Jun 2015

Svend E. Hansen

“The solo song performances [...] were beautifully performed by the boy soprano Aksel Johannes Skramstad Rykkvin. With his crystal clear voice the talented youngster set a particularly evocative and lovely tone for the proceedings."

01 Jun 2015

Toril Skrede

“[…] young Aksel Johannes Rykkvin and Hedvig Bache Hungnes in the roles of Snow White and her friend Petter [are] outstanding.[…] Petter, Snow White´s friend who after a while becomes her boyfriend, is also a character inspiring confidence, that Aksel Johannes Rykkvin acts and sings equally well. We would love to have more scenes with Snow White and Petter interacting."
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