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Best of class in regional music competition

October 18th 2014, 10:45 AM - Oslo Music and Culture School, Tøyenbekken 5

Aksel participated for the first time in the Norwegian Music Competition for Youth ("Ungdommens musikkmesterskap";UMM), initially in the Oslo region. UMM is a classical music competition for musicians under 26 years old. This year the disciplines comprised mainly vocals, strings, guitar, brass and woodwind.

Aksel's program consisted of Voi che sapete (W.A. Mozart), Bist du bei mir (Bach/Stölzel) and Where'er you walk (Händel). Below you can watch the latter entry.

Aksel won his class (10-12 years) in the vocals category, he was awarded a 1st prize with 25 out of a possible 25 points! Thereby he qualified for the national competition taking place at the Norwegian Academy of Music ("Norges musikkhøgskole") November 22th-23rd. He is looking so much forward to it!

UMM Oslo website

Aksel JS Rykkvin - diplom regionalt UMM 2014.jpg

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