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Success in the Norwegian music competition for youth!

Boy soprano | boy soloist | treble

Nov 22 and 23, 2014 - Norwegian Academy of Music, Slemdalsveien 11

After having won class 1 (age 10-12 years) in the regional competition, Aksel competed in class 2 (age 10-15 years) in the national semifinals. With a 15-minute program ranging from Bach, Händel and Mozart to Humperdinck and Bernstein, he impressed the jury once again, this time consisting of Ingebjørg Kosmo, Ståle Ytterli and Elizabeth Norberg-Schulz. The jury awarded 25 out of 25 points, 1st prize, and said (in Norwegian):

"Du er en mester. Stum av beundring! .... Fantastisk flott musikalitet. Sjelden musikalsk begavelse ... Formidabel kunstnerisk formidlingsevne og innlevelse! Gir publikum frysninger når han synger!"


"You are a master. Struck dumb with admiration!...Fantastic musicality. Rare musical talent...Formidable artistic ability to convey and feel!...Gives the audience goosebumps when he sings!"

With this result Aksel qualified for the finals concert as the only singer under 20 years of age, together with 20 other musicians from all over the country. In the finals he performed two of his songs from the semifinals, but he didn't reach the end-stage finals. On the other hand, he was awarded a prize of NOK 3000 and a concert assignment from the Norwegian Association of Music Teachers (Musikkpedagogene Norge) and a concert assignment with the Royal Norwegian Navy Band.

Click on the videos to watch recordings of two of Aksel's songs from the semifinals. Big heartfelt thanks goes to accompanist Sean Lewis, and to Aksel's two voice coaches Marianne Willumsen Lewis and Helene Haarr.


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