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Critical praise for Aksel in children's opera Snow White

English translation: "[...] young Aksel Johannes Rykkvin and Hedvig Bache Hungnes in the roles of Snow White and her friend Petter [are] outstanding.[...] Petter, Snow White´s friend who after a while becomes her boyfriend, is also a character inspiring confidence, and Aksel Johannes Rykkvin acts and sings equally well. We would love to have more scenes with Snow White and Petter interacting."

Norwegian original text: "[...] unge Aksel Johannes Rykkvin og Hedvig Bache Hungnes i rollene som Snøkvit og venen Petter [er] framifrå.[...] Petter, kompisen til Snøkvit som etter kvart blir kjærasten hennar, er og ein tillitvekkjande karakter, og Aksel Johannes Rykkvin gjer det like bra scenisk som songleg. Samspelet mellom Snøkvit og Petter kunne vi gjerne hatt meir av."

These flattering quotes are from a recent review of the children´s opera Snow White, published in the serious online music newspaper "Ballade". Tori Skrede´s review can be read online here (in Norwegian).

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