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Acclaim from Ben Parry

When Aksel went to Cambridge and sang in King's College Chapel recently, it was on invitation from no other than Ben Parry, the Assistant Director of Music. Ben does an impossible amount of things in the field of music, as you can see from his website. He works quite a lot with young singers, whether it is as Director of Junior Academy at the Royal Academy of Music or as Director of the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain. With this in mind, it was especially gratifying to hear what he had to say about Aksel:

"It was a pleasure to hear Aksel sing in King's Chapel. He has a beautifully resonant treble voice, with excellent clear diction and fine intonation. He is able to achieve some startling results with challenging pieces such as Let the Bright Seraphim, and he has an intelligent musicality that informs every performance he gives."

Boy soprano | boy soloist | treble

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