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UK recording contract! Aksel needs backing

Big news! Aksel has been invited by the world famous "period" Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment to record a solo CD and do a concert with them in London! The orchestra is very careful in choosing who they want to work with, and this invitation is really a testimony to Aksel's qualities as a singer. The leading independent UK record label Signum Classics will publish the CD - and they have excellent worldwide distribution. We also are so lucky to have a very skillful and experienced producer/sound engineer, Sean Lewis, onboard. He has already recorded Aksel live in solo concert last week-end.


While Aksel is rehearsing all the baroque arias that is going on the record, we're working on the financing. Most classical recording projects have to be fully funded before production starts, and the tricky part with our project is that we have to act fast so as to minimise the chance of Aksel's voice breaking before we record. We have scheduled the recording to 17. - 22. January, in London, most likely in St. Silas church, Kentish Town, London.

It is very expensive to hire a full orchestra for a week of recording, and including production costs and all other small and big expenditures, our total budget is NOK 640.000. The producers bring NOK 150.000 to the table, and we are counting on grants for a decent chunk. For the rest, an estimated NOK 250.000, we rely on you! Well not JUST you, but you in general :) We launched a crowdfunding campaign on on November 30th, which will run until December 15th. On the campaign website at you can read more about the project, and if you want to support the recording, you can choose the amount that you want to pledge, and then choose a suitable reward. You can for example order a signed CD to your mailbox ahead of launch, or an exclusive concert video from Aksel's solo concert in Oslo Cathedral Oct 31th., among may other things.

At the time of writing, Aksel's backers all over the world has pledged more than 30% of our target, after just 4 days! But we need to keep the momentum to reach our target.

Remember, no money gets transferred if the campaign doesn't meet its target.

Above is the campaign video we made with Aksel telling us about the project.

If you have the opportunity, and want to help this record come to life, please visit and give your support!

Thank you!!

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