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Edvarda Lana, freelance reviewer

"My favourite on stage was Aksel Rykkvin as the young boy Yniold, with an intelligent role interpretation and a clear and pure soprano."

Pernilla Eskilsdotter, program host, Klassisk morgon on Sveriges Radio P2

"A boy soprano on a tremendously high level."

Catherine Doyle, Founder/blogger, Opera With Pearls

“His character sounds and looks exactly like how he should, like a boy! It might sound futile, but often, young boys are performed by women sopranos and mezzos (think of Cherubino in Le Nozze di Figaro). We can make them look like young gentlemen, but the voice isn't the same. And Aksel isn't any boy soprano. No no. He has an international career as a soloist and records albums. *mouth drop* #childprodigy" 

Edle Stray-Pedersen, Conductor, The Norwegian National Opera Children's Chorus

“I rarely have a boy soprano of Aksel's calibre [in the Children's Chorus]. In fact, I have probably never experienced something like this during my whole career."

Nigel Short, Conductor, Tenebrae choir

“There's a clarity to [his voice]. It just rings very naturally. It's not hard, it's not forced, it just speaks very naturally, like an instrument. [...] clarion-like voice coming from Aksel, and very easy delivery. He's clearly been very well trained in all vocal and choral habits. He's only twelve, but he has a very instinctive and innate sense of musicianship. So with the slightest gesture I give him for a particular phrase, he will naturally respond. [...] It means we can work at a very quick pace. Even his vocal stamina - he's been absolutely on it all the way through, which is fabulous."

Alison Bury, Leader, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

“He's very musical, very stylish, and extraordinarily mature in the way he copes with the rigours of the recording process. It's quite amazing, we're all impressed by that."

Ole Andreas Fevang, Cantor, Elverum Church

“[...] the boy soprano Aksel Rykkvin from Oslo, who is one of the best boy sopranos in Europe. Considering how few boys' choirs we have in Norway, it is quite remarkable that he is from our country."

Bernt E. Bauge, CEO, Bergen Philharmonic

“A sensationally good boy soprano."

Colin R. Brownlee, Founder, National Archive of Recorded Church Music, England

“[...] a voice which comes along only once or twice in a generation."

Ben Parry, Assistant Director of Music, King's College, Cambridge

“It was a pleasure to hear Aksel sing in King's Chapel. He has a beautifully resonant treble voice, with excellent clear diction and fine intonation. He is able to achieve some startling results with challenging pieces such as Let the Bright Seraphim, and he has an intelligent musicality that informs every performance he gives."

Elizabeth Norberg-Schulz, Ingebjørg Kosmo and Ståle Ytterli, Jury statement, Norwegian Music Competition for Youth

“You are a master. Struck dumb with admiration! [...] Fantastic musicality. Rare musical talent [...] Formidable artistic ability to convey and feel! [...] Gives the audience goosebumps when he sings!"
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