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Gefle Dagblad

Camilla Dal

22 January 2024

"Aksel's voice has matured into a very pleasant baritone [...] The musical interplay is fantastic [...] musicians whose temperaments flow together seamlessly [...] The piano part constitutes the lively base, and the clarinet turns into an extra voice beside Rykkvin's very expressive voice."

A romantic hike

Betlehemskyrkan, Gävle, Sweden

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Eleonore Büning

17 October 2023

"...a voice as beautiful as blood and milk. [...] Aksel Rykkvin, this young baritone, a name to be noted.

Lied Festival Christian Gerhaher & Gerold Huber

Schloss Elmau, Bavaria, Germany

Aksel Tollåli

30 May 2022

"Baritone Aksel Rykkvin and mezzo soprano Nora Ervik are particularly impressive as Mr. and Mrs. Noah. These roles were actually written for adult singers, and both work their roles with great craftsmanship and musicality."

Noye's Fludde



Magnus Andersson

19 August 2019

"I also must mention Aksel Rykkvin, who had one of the most unique voices in the world as a boy soprano, but has now been through his voice change. He has an even stronger musicality now, and his timbre is smooth as silk, even when he rumbles on as the baritone that he is developing into. At 16 years, he doesn't yet have a forceful voice on a high international level of course, but his tone is so beguiling that we can be sure that he will have a great career. Yes, his tone and musicality already makes him truly worth listening to."

Opening concert at Oslo Chamber Music Festival

University aula, Oslo, Norway


David Vickers

1 August 2018

"Rykkvin and Bennett duet with impeccable poise and judicious trills [...] infectious buoyancy [...] Rykkvin’s polished technique and confident musical personality yield a lovely account of Télaïre’s lament from Castor et Pollux"

Light Divine


Hege Arstad

19 June 2018

"Several main roles in productions at the Norwegian Opera & Ballet, a slew of soloist engagements at home and abroad, CD releases, nomination for a Norwegian Grammy Award and lots of TV appearances. Aksel Rykkvin has achieved great things as a classical singer."

The Norwegian Music Competition for Youth



The Plymouth Herald

Clive Jenkins

9 November 2023

"...already become an outstanding baritone and he is still only 20. Professional singers in the audience were amazed at the speed of his development and the maturity of his performance."

Schubert, Schumann, Norway and the Sea

Stoke Damerel Church, Plymouth, UK


Jörn Florian Fuchs

2 October 2023

“in this case it was Aksel Rykkvin, a quite young Norwegian baritone, that caught my ear, and we will now hear him in a Schumann Lied [...] very impressive here, the young Norwegian Aksel Rykkvin, one of those that Christian Gerhaher brought along for his masterclasses. - Yes, and one also hears this extremely clear diction, and I also think that you can hear Gerhaher’s timbre a bit here.”

Lied Festival Christian Gerhaher & Gerold Huber

Schloss Elmau, Bavaria, Germany

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK)

Eystein Sandvik

22 May 2022

"One of the roles originally composed for professional singers, is naturally Noah. At the premiere, the role was sung by Aksel Rykkvin, who has gone from being an internationally recognised virtuoso treble to becoming a very promising young baritone. Rykkvin sings with a beautiful and open timbre, light and effortless vibrato and natural phrasing."

Title role in 'Noye's Fludde'

Norwegian Opera & Ballet Scene 2

Aachener Zeitung

Marie-Luise Otten

25 July 2019

"Lyrically secure and vocally strong, Aksel Rykkvin intoned [Dichterliebe] [...] showed his high class [...] Expressively and passionately, he brought [the folk songs of Benjamin Britten] to life".

Klassik Festival Momentum Stolberg

Museum Zinkhütter Hof, Stolberg, Germany

Aftenposten / A-magasinet

Bjørn Egil Halvorsen

22 June 2018

"Miraculous, in the sense of 'extraordinary'. When I saw him sing with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, I was blown away. By his musicality, self-assurance and naturalness when standing there singing, says Bjørkøy"

The voice which disappeared

Feature article

Astrid Kvalbein

15 May 2018

"The young soloists at the premiere impressed as well, both in their song and their on-stage demeanour. Aksel Rykkvin has obviously made a more than intact transition from celebrated boy treble to light baritone, and cuts a fine figure as Porriot"

Porriot and the case of the missing bronze horse


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